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Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders

FumeFx 2.1C for 3ds Max 2012 x64 x32 full version: How to Create Stunning Fire and Smoke Effects

geometric the 3d feature includes support for real time meshes, procedural meshes, polygonal meshes, animation and rocks. mesh loading and rendering is optimized to deliver maximum performances. various modifiers add live control over most of the object properties like the mesh normals, tangents and uv maps. both internal and external cache support is included, while compressed cams and 3d maps can be saved, loaded and reconstructed. 3d arc/sphere support, point cloud creation and alpha maps are also included, as well as an interactive mesh editor.

FumeFx 2.1C for 3ds Max 2012 x64 x32 full version

physically based the non-destructive approach uses height, velocity, pressure and volume data to model the fire simulation, without affecting the geometry in the scene. fumefx simulates the fire smoke in a fast and realistic way, and it also supports multiple lighting.

toolset the fumefx toolset contains all the important simulation tools necessary for a movie set, such as the smoke simulators, fire simulators, fluid simulators, fbx exporter, and the maya, max and arnold plugins.

gpu acceleration fumefx supports cache compression as well as off-screen rendering. the gpu acceleration increases the performance for maximum realism and helps preserve your cache files at the same time. all the gpu accelerated effects can be used in the final render, previewed, manipulated and saved in 3ds max 2011

max integration native integration with 3ds max provides the best experience for fumefx at a much lower cost. the integration supports three rendering engines namely, painterx, arnold/maya, and x-ray as well as the real motion blur. the user interface of fumefx was also designed in a manner that perfectly matches 3ds max, allowing users to be highly productive from the very start.


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