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Fine Upholstery Leather

Stickley uses only the finest quality, rust-resistant high-carbon steel coil springs. These are eight-way hand-knotted with the strongest polyester twine to create a cushion with even support and maximum comfort; extra ties across the front provide even more security.

Fine Upholstery Leather

With a huge array of styles, constructions, colors, finishing details, and the latest performance technologies, Stickley fabrics let you customize upholstery to create the perfect piece for your home and your lifestyle.

Full aniline leather hides are colored using non-toxic aniline dyes, but are not treated with a protective topcoat. Because of this it will quickly absorb natural oils and develop a rich patina. Aniline dyes are transparent so natural markings in the cow hide such as healed scars, finished scratches, insect bites and brands will easily visible. As a result, only the highest quality full grain leather hides with limited natural markings can be finished as full aniline. Full Aniline is also referred to as naked leather." Full aniline hides treated with only a light topcoat or wax are referred to as "protected aniline leather."

Semi-aniline leather hides are similar to full aniline hides with the addition of a fine layer of matching pigment applied to even out the color. The hide is then sprayed with a clear protective top coat or wax giving protection against stains and wear while retaining the natural look and feel of a full aniline leather. While often subtle, natural markings such as healed scars and scratches, insect bites and brands can be present. Semi aniline leathers are highly valued and more expensive than standard leathers.

Pigmented leather has a layer of colorants sprayed onto the hide giving it a rich and uniform color. Next, a protective topcoat is applied giving it high resistance to spills, stains, fading, and scratches. A pigmented finish can be applied to both full grain leather or corrected grain leather. Pigmented leather is by far the most common type of upholstery leather and when well made, has both a soft touch and a highly durable finish. Pigmented leather is also used for automotive purposes. The Essentials, Urban, Market Street & Dakota in Our Collection are examples of premium pigmented leathers for home or auto upholstery.

Pull-Up is a type of semi aniline leather with a silky wax topcoat added for protection. When this leather is pulled or stretched, the waxes cause the dyes to spread giving the hide a two tone or antiqued effect. Pull-up leather is commonly referred to as distressed leather as the wax topcoat easily scratches through normal use. These scratches will often be absorbed back into the leather and soften over time. This look is considered highly desirable for antiques, rustics and high end furniture. Pull-up leather is produced on the highest quality full grain leather.

Hand Rubbed leather is a type of semi aniline that is finished by rubbing layers of aniline dyes onto full grain leather until the desired color is achieved. This process is done by skilled artisans who understand the interplay of colors where a patina of multiple rich tones is desired. A protective topcoat is added to the dyes offering protection against stains and wear. Because the cow hide is full grain, subtle natural markings such as healed scars, finished scratches, insect bites and brands can be present. Hand rubbed leather is highly desired for heirloom furniture, antiques and high end leather furnishings. See Our Collection for hand rubbed leathers.

Nubuck is a top grain leather which has a slight nap that looks and feels like suede but is considerably stronger. Nubuck leather is typically treated with a protective topcoat to protect against stains and fluids but is more delicate than semi-aniline or pigmented leathers.

Embossing leather is simply a step in the finishing process where the cow hide is stamped or rolled under great pressure to create a new grain on the hide surface. Pebble grain may be the most widely known example, but these also include faux animal prints and natural grains meant to mimic the original skin. Corrected grain leather is almost always embossed but full grain leather can be embossed as well.

EXCELLENCE Dear Friends, We are pleased to present this catalog of our rapidly expanding fine upholstery and leather collection. Many of you who treasure your Stickley furniture know of its incomparable construction and enduring beauty. Like the rest of Stickley, our upholstery is an expression of that quality and value, blending beauty and comfort in the creation of timeless designs. Since founding Stickley Fine Upholstery in 1996, we have been engaged in an ongoing search for the finest and most exciting fabrics from around the world. Our collection now totals almost 1200 fabrics, many...

The casual simplicity of Stickley Mission Oak or Cherry; the relaxed sophistication of Metropolitan and 21st Century; the casual comfort of Coronado and the Finger Lakes collection or the classic elegance of our Traditional and 18th Century Collections. Whatever your style, Stickley Fine Upholstery offers an upholstery frame and fabric or leather choice that is the perfect complement to your Stickley collection and the perfect expression of your unique lifestyle.

ARRAY OF OPTIONS. We take pride in being able to customize our products to meet your dreams. Over 1400 fabrics and leathers, dozens of decorative fringes and cords, 26 finishes, 8 skirt styles, 3 different cushion choices, and a selection of base options provide more than enough choices to create a custom product that is uniquely yours!

The styles on the following pages are a perfect match for the relaxed lifestyle and classic simplicity of the arts & crafts collections of Stickley. Unparalleled Stickley construction, our famous deep seated comfort, and over 1400 fabric and leather choices put these casual designs at the top of their class. A sound investment in Stickley quality and a surprising value.

But do you have to dab leather conditioner or apply it in a circular motion? Are you coming on strong with the baking soda, damp cloths, and even rubbing alcohol when restoring the leather sofa to its original splendor? Which leather cleaners or special cleaning solutions are really necessary? Can household products like white vinegar help or hurt with leather care?

You can also use a mix of equal parts white vinegar and warm water to make sure your leather items are in tip-top shape. This solution is especially great when it comes to wiping away grime from decorative leather pillows.

Our home is in Connecticut and our warehouse is located in New York. Our work is in showrooms across the United States and our representatives are in locations around the world. Our leather is everywhere.

">Quick View --> New! All Grain All Grain, an Edelman classic, brings your designs to life beautifully. It is supple with a soft inviting texture, yet strong and durable enough for demanding high-traffic applications. This small pebble grain leather is available in a broad palette of enticing hues, and custom coloring is available with low minimum requirements.

">Quick View --> Artisan Vegetable-tanned and hand-finished using old world techniques, our carefully selected calfskin has an antiqued patina that grows deeper, richer, and more beautiful over time. This is the ultimate in leather craft, adding rustic appeal to all settings.

">Quick View --> Luv-A-Bull Becoming more beautiful with time and touch, Luv-A-Bull effortlessly enhances settings from residential to retail. The leather is aniline-dyed, waxed, and lightly-finished to produce rich, undulating colors that will begin to patina gently from day one. These large, luxurious, natural hides are available in a classic leather palette.

">Quick View --> Luxe Calf We use only the best hides to produce our polished calfskin. Luxe Calf is soaked deeply with rich dyes, then heated and pressed to impart its alluring shine. This classic Edelman leather is pure, strong, and full of depth. It will patina gracefully with time and use.

">Quick View --> Metallic Dream Cow Big, beautiful, and durable like all our Dream Cow hides, Metallic Dream Cow comes with an added shimmery pop. Crafted for performance, this medium grain luxury leather is at home in high-volume, high-traffic, high-visibility environments.

">Quick View --> Specialty Pinseal Hand-antiqued, richly-embossed Pinseal glimmers and glitters. Ideal for high-traffic areas, this leather offers a one-of-a-kind shifting, understated shine with dramatic highs and lows.

">Quick View --> Shagreen Our Shagreen cowhide offers a uniquely opulent, rich texture. Its palette includes soft, alluring colors that shimmer and glow, and saturated shades that add drama to any room. This durable leather is ideal for upholstery, furniture wrapping, and vertical applications.

">Quick View --> Sulky Like its namesake light two-wheeled carriage, Sulky harnesses a timeless appeal. Available in a refined and classic color palette, this hand-finished leather works in a variety of applications.

Fine leather upholstery used to be found in the dens and living rooms of only the very wealthy. Heavy, traditional styles and the use of strong colors such as burgundy, oxblood, burnt orange, rust, walnut, tortoise, navy, and blackberry characterized the category. These leathers generally have heavily glazed, shiny finished. Massive, traditional chesterfields, tufted wing chairs, traditional saddle-arm and double bustle pub sofas characterized leather upholstered furniture styles. 041b061a72


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