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Nextbot Backroom: The Scariest Game You'll Ever Play

Nextbots is a mode where you have to complete challenges/modes 1 mode being normal, where you have to survive for a set amount of time without dying, another mode being baller brawl where you have to kill nextbots with a changed verson of Ballers Ball.

Nextbots are very dangerous and destroy most things they touch. If a nextbot sees a wanderer they will know their location at all times and will hunt wanderers until they are dead. When they are in their docile state they will randomly walk around and search for wanderers. Nextbots are not very intelligent creatures so they can be avoided easily.

nextbot backrooms

To create a match, the first thing we have to do is choose one of the maze-like settings, which means the action is not limited to just the classic Backrooms. Next, we have to choose a character (based on Minecraft PE designs) and a nextbot, all of which are twisted versions of internet memes (starting with Obunga).

The game starts when you find yourself stuck in a mysterious house with many backrooms. It is dark, and the nextbots are lurking in the shadows. You must use your wits and skills to outsmart them and escape before they catch up with you.

Besides, it is a running game that requires you to be in constant motion. As such, you will have to outwit and outrun the Nextbots as you aim to set a new time record. This won't be an easy task since the backrooms have many secrets & surprises. Play the game and test how good you are at handling tension & making decisions in a split second.

You must move quickly and use your wits & skills to solve puzzles and navigate through the backrooms. If you get stuck, there are clues & hints provided to help you in your mission. Keep an eye out for them since they will make your journey manageable.

Download Nextbots in Backrooms APK and start exploring the mysterious backrooms filled with secrets & stories. See if you can outwit, outrun, and set a new time record as you battle against spine-chilling Nextbots.

Nextbots in Backrooms is an entertaining and challenging game that tests your reflexes and coordination. You will run through the rooms while avoiding dangerous nextbots. Fortunately, the controls are facile, making it easy to play the game with precision.

Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms is horrifying and chasing you with other nextbots chasing in the high school. The obunga nextbot chase is always watching you from inside the backrooms. This place is like a haunted mansion where nextbots will keep chasing you in haunted house escape games. Play hide and seek in the backrooms game of a haunted house with obunga. In this mystery house explore every backrooms level of gmod nextbots in backrooms horror games and haunted games.

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A series of creepypasta games will confront you with scary creatures like creepy obunga, nerd, Armstrong, Nico, and Selene. Your wish of passing exams without studying is becoming outlast true fear. No need to worry! simply sneak into a haunted school back room and steal the answer papers by hide and seek with Obunga Nextbots in Backrooms Game. Every second of this scary game will make your heart-thumping to death run. The creepy obunga and other nextbots chasing are fun with a side of scare and terror ?. Control your true fear while facing the scary obunga inside the backrooms game. The nextbots are always watching you.

Now the thrilling part starts from here in the horror games. Yeah! The nextbots chasing is looking for you everywhere in haunted school horror ?️. Now you have two options; either collect all the answer papers in the evil school or just escape from the scary school. Escape the room first in goosebumps horror.

Nico's nextbots is a horror-survival experience created on the Roblox platform. It spawns the player in a spooky abandoned mall, where they must survive for as long as possible while being chased by loud PNG images called nextbots. The mall features safe rooms to avoid monstrous memes, corridors, and parking garages. It even features a secret backroom which can be accessed only through a hidden elevator. This guide will tell you how you can enter the backrooms in nico's nextbots.

To enter the backrooms in nico's nextbots, you need to find an elevator located in one of the two parking lots in the mall. The elevator you need to interact with to enter the backrooms is located in the second-floor parking lot. It can be easily distinguished by the red arrow painted on top of it. Simply head over to it, and interact with it to enter the backrooms.


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