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Ubs 9 !FULL!

UBS 9: A New Standard for Bible Translation

The United Bible Societies (UBS) is a global network of organizations that works to translate and distribute the Bible in different languages and contexts. One of their main projects is the UBS Handbook Series, which provides detailed guidance and commentary for translators on every book of the Bible.

ubs 9

The UBS Handbook Series is based on the UBS Greek New Testament, which is a critical edition of the original text of the New Testament. The UBS Greek New Testament has been revised several times since its first publication in 1966, and the latest edition is the UBS 9, which was released in 2021.

The UBS 9 is the result of decades of scholarly research and collaboration among experts from different fields and traditions. It incorporates new discoveries and insights from textual criticism, linguistics, archaeology, and theology. It also reflects the diversity and richness of the manuscript evidence, which includes more than 5,800 Greek manuscripts, as well as ancient versions in other languages.

The UBS 9 aims to provide a reliable and accurate representation of the original text of the New Testament, while also being user-friendly and accessible for translators and readers. It offers a clear and consistent notation system, a concise apparatus that indicates the most important textual variants, and a comprehensive introduction that explains the principles and methods of the edition.

The UBS 9 is not only a valuable resource for Bible translation, but also for biblical studies, exegesis, preaching, and teaching. It helps to illuminate the meaning and message of the New Testament in its historical and cultural context, as well as its relevance and application for today's world.

The UBS 9 is also compatible with other UBS publications and tools, such as the UBS Handbook Series, the UBS Translator's Handbook, the UBS Translation Workspace, and the UBS Paratext software. These resources help translators to understand and communicate the biblical text in a faithful and clear way, taking into account the linguistic and cultural features of the target audience.

The UBS 9 is a testament to the ongoing work and commitment of the UBS to make the Word of God available and accessible to all people in their own language. It is a gift to the global church and a tool for God's mission in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the UBS 9 and how to use it for Bible translation, you can visit the UBS website at There you can find more information about the UBS 9, as well as other UBS publications and resources. You can also order a copy of the UBS 9 online or from your local Bible Society.

The UBS 9 is a milestone in the history of Bible translation and a valuable contribution to the study and understanding of the New Testament. We hope that it will inspire and equip you to engage with God's Word in a deeper and more meaningful way. 06063cd7f5


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