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Henry Sanders


Hey Team. I'm running El Capitan 10.11.4, and I just finished an 11 minute movie project in iMovie 10.1.2. To export the project I went to the Share button, selected "File", saved it to Movies, and after it completed, I found my movie in the appropriate location, in .mp4 format.


I tried to open the movie in QuickTime and it won't. QuickTime gives me a "converting" message and bar for a moment, and then the error message, "QuickTime player can't open moviename.mp4 To see if additional software is available that will enable QuickTime Player to open the movie, click Tell Me More." When I click Tell Me More, the Apple site says I'm likely out of date and need a third party converter.

Yes. After several attempts, it finally did using "best" share method, which made it .mov. The problem I think is the file size. The movie I'm "sharing" is an hour long, so perhaps I've been trying to open it with quicktime before it had completed the export(?). I'd rather just share with .mp4 though, as I think the file size is a bit smaller.

When it comes to saving, the go-to approach is to use the File System Access API, so you end up with a FileSystemFileHandle, which allows you to implement a true save, edit, save flow. The next best thing is to fall back to a classic &LTa download>, which likewise lets the user save data, but has the downside of creating new files on each download, so they end up with my-video.mp4, my-video (1).mp4, my-video (2).mp4, etc.Pasting images #To conclude the introductory examples, not all browsers support pasting images into a web app, so you can fall back to using the Drag and Drop API or showing a file picker, which is not as elegant as the Async Clipboard API, but at least it works.The new patterns #With this out of the way, the new pattern sections are:Clipboard patterns #Clipboard patterns for everything concerned with the system clipboard like copying and pasting of all sorts of things. 041b061a72


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