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Nintendo 3ds Emulator Bios 1.1.2 ##TOP##

as we all know, emulation is a dangerous thing. its all too easy to break your system. thats why i always make sure to load each game a few times. this is a great nintendo ds emulator, although it is, unfortunately, quite outdated. what you see is what you get. the screen is a simple background and will not display anything until you load a game.

nintendo 3ds emulator bios 1.1.2

Download File:

its graphics are not as good as the other nintendo 3ds emulator bios games, but it is a solid emulator. it allows for many features, such as full controller support and a huge amount of memory. one of the drawbacks is that it is a very basic emulator and does not feature a reliable save feature. this application was written in java, and was released to the public in 2008.

unlike most other emulators, this one does not have any setting to change the screen, so the screen is a simple background. other than that, it is a great emulator. its very fast and easy to use. i have noticed that it doesnt have the best graphics, but it is a solid emulator. game boy advance and game boy color games are supported. thats really the only feature it has. ive had a lot of trouble getting it to boot, and im sure many of you have as well.

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