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The Scale Of The Universe 2 Flash Download _HOT_

Flash Game Authorship DisclaimerPlease take note that I did not make the above mentioned flash game. The above mentioned flash game is made by other people and not me. I only downloaded the .swf file off some flash games portals and then repackaged the .swf file together with a .html file into a .zip file. In other words I only did some repackaging of the .swf files.

The Scale Of The Universe 2 Flash Download

Although this isn't a new idea, it's the most interactively satisfying version I've ever seen, and the fact that it was created by a 14-year-old with the help of his twin brother makes it that much awesomer. It's a basic "powers of ten" visualization starting at human scale from which you can scrub downward smaller than quarks or upward to the scale of the entire universe. All the items in it are clickable for more information. But for reasons I can't quite put my finger on, my favorite aspect of it is the little twinkling animations it includes, from sunlight reflecting off the water below the Hoover Dam to Bohr-ish electrons circling a Mickey Mouse water molecule. Also, it's funny that Dysnomia (Eris' moon) and West Virginia are comparably sized. I don't know why I find that funny; I just do. I've embedded it here but to truly appreciate it you ought to go to Cary and Michael Huang's website and see it full-size. (It is a Flash animation which means it will not work on your iOS devices, sadly.)

In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Zaphod Beeblebrox is stuck in a machine called the Total Perspective Vortex, a torture device that grants him the knowledge of how he personally relates in scale to the entire universe. It's meant to make him go insane, you see. The Scale of the Universe 2, by Cary Huang and Michael Huang, is basically that machine in Flash form; it isn't really a game but it'll still blow your mind.

Much like the original Scale of the Universe, you control this toy by using the mouse-wheel or scroll bar to scale in and out. You can also click on various objects to read their amusing text descriptions; these are new to the sequel. You start at human scale and can scroll all the way down to theoretical concepts like strings or all the way up to the potential size of the universe. That's pretty big, and you have to scroll for a long, long, long time time to get back to human scale from there. It's kind of terrifying, honestly. Try not to think about it too much.

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