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Ame Lai Gaya Tame Rahi Gaya Gujarati Natak ^HOT^

It is generally observed in mumbai theatre scence adapted plays do well and aame layee gays tamhe rahi gaya is no is basically an gujrati version of marathi megahit sahi re sahi and like its counterpar t also became an hit story aame layi gaya tamhe rahii gaya basically is a story an old groutchy businessman aneja(sharman joshi) living in mumbai with his young wife but is unaware that his wife is in love with his secretary eventually they murder him off and by which gain his property but as luck would have it lawyer(umesh shukla) makes an error in will by which it is stated that aneja has to be there for execution of will after hearing about death and subsequent will his ex wife and far relatives come for a stake in a per the will they all try to get the wealth by putting up aneja lookalikes but ultimately aneja who infact is alive return back and learns the truth performance it is sharman joshi(style fame) play all the way sharman joshi plays the triple role of aneja, raja ,gaglani and baliya to the hilt and kedar shinde story is also brilliant

Ame Lai Gaya Tame Rahi Gaya Gujarati Natak

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Mane prem chhe, tane kem chhe? best gujarati comedy natak full 2020 ... Pan lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya - video song (1) pankhida ne aa pinjaru ... maayaa van maan rahi ne kidho chhe aaranbh, govade girhi chhe dhaaddh, ... Prem na aasu thi ame bhinjai gaya, koine kadar kyan chhe amari, ame to bas ... 350c69d7ab


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