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Watch Kung Fu Hustle (2004) Online Free in Hindi 720p HD Quality | Full Movie Download

Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie in Hindi 720p: A Review

This is the main title of the article Plot Summary

The film is set in 1940s Shanghai, where the city is ruled by the Axe Gang, led by the ruthless Brother Sum. One day, two low-level crooks, Sing and Bone, try to extort money from the residents of Pig Sty Alley, a poor slum, by posing as members of the Axe Gang. However, their plan backfires when the real Axe Gang arrives and a fight breaks out between them and the slum dwellers. To everyone's surprise, some of the residents turn out to be kung fu masters in disguise, who manage to fend off the gangsters.


Meanwhile, Sing, who dreams of joining the Axe Gang and becoming a powerful fighter, tries to free a mute girl named Fong from a locked cage, where she sells ice cream. Sing has a crush on Fong since childhood, when he gave her a lollipop and a Buddhist palm manual as a gift. However, he fails to open the cage and injures his hand in the process.

The Axe Gang leader, Brother Sum, is furious about the defeat and hires two harpist assassins, known as the Musical Assassins, to kill the kung fu masters at Pig Sty Alley. The assassins use their musical instruments to create deadly sound waves that kill anyone who hears them. They manage to kill two of the masters, but are stopped by the intervention of the landlord and landlady of Pig Sty Alley, who are also kung fu masters of high caliber. The landlord and landlady defeat the assassins and force the remaining gangsters to retreat.

Sing, who witnessed the fight, is impressed by the landlord and landlady's skills and tries to learn kung fu from them. However, they reject him and mock his poor abilities. Sing then decides to prove himself by breaking into a mental asylum and freeing a notorious killer known as the Beast, who is rumored to be the most powerful kung fu master in history. Sing hopes that the Beast will help him join the Axe Gang and teach him kung fu.

However, Sing's plan goes wrong when he discovers that the Beast is actually a senile and eccentric old man who has no interest in fighting. The Beast is captured by the Axe Gang and brought to their casino, where Brother Sum challenges him to fight the landlord and landlady. The Beast agrees, but only after Sing convinces him that they are evil people who killed his family. The Beast then fights with the landlord and landlady in a brutal battle that destroys most of the casino. The Beast proves to be too strong for them and defeats them with ease.

Sing, who is disappointed by the Beast's behavior and his own failure, tries to stop him from killing the landlord and landlady. However, he is shot by Brother Sum in the chest. As he lies dying on the floor, he suddenly experiences a change in his body and mind. He realizes that he has unlocked his true potential as a kung fu master and that he is actually the prophesied one who can master the Buddhist palm technique. He then heals himself from his wound and stands up to face the Beast.

Sing and the Beast engage in a final showdown that shakes the entire city. Sing uses his Buddhist palm technique to create powerful shockwaves that send the Beast flying across buildings. The Beast tries to counter with his own techniques, but Sing proves to be superior. Sing eventually defeats the Beast with a massive palm strike that leaves a huge imprint on his chest. The Beast admits defeat and bows down to Sing as his master.

Cast and Characters

Kung Fu Hustle features a large ensemble of actors and characters, many of whom are well-known in Hong Kong cinema. Here are some of the main cast and characters of the movie:




Stephen Chow


The protagonist of the movie, a hapless and naive crook who wants to join the Axe Gang and become a kung fu master. He is the chosen one who can master the Buddhist palm technique.

Yuen Wah

The Landlord

The owner of Pig Sty Alley, a slum where many kung fu masters live in hiding. He is a master of the Iron Fist technique and a former member of the Axe Gang.

Yuen Qiu

The Landlady

The wife of the landlord and the co-owner of Pig Sty Alley. She is a master of the Lion's Roar technique and a formidable fighter. She is also very loud and bossy.

Danny Chan Kwok-kwan

Brother Sum

The leader of the Axe Gang, a ruthless and ambitious crime lord who wants to control all of Shanghai. He is willing to use any means necessary to achieve his goals.

Huang Shengyi


A mute girl who sells ice cream in a locked cage. She is Sing's childhood crush and the recipient of his lollipop and Buddhist palm manual. She later becomes his love interest.

Lam Tze-chung


Sing's partner in crime and best friend. He is loyal but cowardly and often gets into trouble with Sing.

Leung Siu-lung

The Beast

A legendary kung fu master who is locked up in a mental asylum. He is considered to be the most powerful fighter in history, but he is also insane and eccentric. He fights with Sing in the climax of the movie.

Reviews and Ratings

Kung Fu Hustle received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised its blend of action, comedy, and fantasy. The film has a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 192 reviews, with an average rating of 7.6/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "Kung Fu Hustle blends special effects, martial arts, and the Looney Toons to hilarious effect."

The film also has a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb, based on 128,581 user ratings, and an 83/100 score on Metacritic, based on 38 critic reviews, indicating "universal acclaim". The film was also nominated for six Hong Kong Film Awards, winning in the categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Design, Best Film Editing, and Best Supporting Actor (Yuen Wah).

Some of the positive reviews of the film are:

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a dazzling blend of styles and genres that works as a tribute to Hong Kong cinema as well as a showcase for Stephen Chow's comic genius." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a wildly inventive and entertaining film that combines slapstick comedy, martial arts action, and cartoonish fantasy in a way that only Stephen Chow can pull off." - James Berardinelli, ReelViews

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a riotous and exhilarating spectacle that pays homage to the classic kung fu movies while also poking fun at them. Stephen Chow is a master of both comedy and action, and he delivers a film that is full of surprises and laughs." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Some of the negative reviews of the film are:

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a chaotic and confusing mess that tries to cram too much into one film. The film suffers from an uneven tone, a lack of coherence, and a reliance on cheap gags and clichés. Stephen Chow fails to balance his ambitions with his abilities, and the result is a disappointing waste of potential." - Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a tedious and tiresome exercise in self-indulgence that fails to live up to its hype. The film is overlong, overdone, and overrated. Stephen Chow tries to be too clever and too cool, but he ends up being neither. The film is a poor imitation of better kung fu movies that came before it." - David Edelstein, Slate

  • "Kung Fu Hustle is a mindless and meaningless spectacle that relies on excessive violence, crude humor, and cheesy effects to mask its lack of substance and originality. Stephen Chow is a talented actor and director, but he wastes his talents on this shallow and silly film that insults the intelligence and taste of the audience." - Rex Reed, New York Observer

Trivia and Facts

Kung Fu Hustle is a film that is full of trivia and facts that may surprise or amuse you. Here are some of them:

  • The film is a homage to many classic kung fu movies and directors, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Lau Kar-leung, and King Hu. The film also references many other genres and works, such as The Matrix, The Shining, Spider-Man, and Road Runner.

  • The film features many actors who are veterans of the Hong Kong film industry, some of whom have not appeared on screen for decades. For example, Yuen Qiu, who plays the landlady, was a former Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). Leung Siu-lung, who plays the Beast, was a former martial arts star in the 1970s.

  • The film was originally planned to be a sequel to Stephen Chow's previous film, Shaolin Soccer (2001), but he decided to make it a standalone film instead. However, some elements from Shaolin Soccer are still present in Kung Fu Hustle, such as the soccer ball motif and the cameo appearance of Ng Man-tat.

  • The film broke several box office records in Hong Kong and China. It became the highest-grossing film in Hong Kong history, surpassing Titanic (1997). It also became the first foreign-language film to top the North American box office chart since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

  • The film was banned in mainland China for a while due to its depiction of violence and gangs. The film was also censored in some countries for its use of profanity and gore. For example, in Singapore, the scene where Sing stabs a man's eyes with knives was cut.


Kung Fu Hustle is a film that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for fans of kung fu, comedy, and fantasy. The film is a tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong cinema, as well as a showcase for Stephen Chow's creative vision and talent. The film is full of action, humor, and imagination, as well as memorable characters and scenes. The film is also a commercial and critical success, breaking box office records and winning awards. The film is a must-watch for anyone who loves kung fu movies or just wants to have a good time.

In this article, I have reviewed the film Kung Fu Hustle in Hindi 720p, covering its plot summary, cast and characters, reviews and ratings, and trivia and facts. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about this amazing film. If you have not seen the film yet, I highly recommend you to watch it as soon as possible. You will not regret it.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to the film Kung Fu Hustle:

  • Q: Where can I watch Kung Fu Hustle in Hindi 720p?A: You can watch Kung Fu Hustle in Hindi 720p on various online platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and SonyLIV. You can also download the film from torrent sites or buy the DVD from online stores.

  • Q: Who is the director of Kung Fu Hustle?A: The director of Kung Fu Hustle is Stephen Chow, who is also the writer, producer, and star of the film. Stephen Chow is a famous Hong Kong actor, comedian, and filmmaker, who is known for his films such as Shaolin Soccer, CJ7, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, and The Mermaid.

  • Q: What is the meaning of the Buddhist palm technique?A: The Buddhist palm technique is a fictional martial arts technique that appears in Kung Fu Hustle. It is based on a real-life technique called Yizhi Chan (One Finger Zen), which is practiced by some Shaolin monks. The technique involves using one's palm or finger to create powerful shockwaves that can destroy anything in their path.

  • Q: Is Kung Fu Hustle based on a true story?A: No, Kung Fu Hustle is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that mixes elements of kung fu, comedy, and fantasy. However, some of the characters and events in the film are inspired by real-life people and incidents from Hong Kong history and culture.

  • Q: Will there be a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle?A: Yes, there will be a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle. Stephen Chow has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle, which will be set in modern times and feature new characters and stories. The sequel is expected to be released in 2023 or 2024.



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