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Contactless Meal Delivering

Volunteering inquires are welcome! We look forward to providing you information and answering questions. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Meals on Wheels!

Please Send a Message to submit your inquiry.

Meal Delivery Drivers

You'll Get To:

  • Set your own schedule of 1 day or more weekly (that's 2 hours a week minimum)

  • Receive training & ongoing support

Get Flexibility by Substituting

Substituting is a great way to volunteer within your schedule. This on-call basis is ideal for those needing flexibility. Substitute volunteers receive full training.

Delivering Meals over a Lunch Break?

Enjoy your lunch in your car before or after your route. A kitchenette is available at the San Pablo Office.





Ride with a delivery driver or follow in your own vehicle on an actual meal delivery route:

  • Get a tour on contactless meal delivering

  • Ask questions

  • Meet clients (you're socially distanced outside)

  • Discover your potential to make a difference

Video depicts pre-Covid-19 process.

Contactless Meal Delivering

How we do Contactless meal delivery.

 Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions

Meals on Wheels West Contra Costa encourages volunteerism in all manner of actions. These frequently asked questions and our answers are from years of talking with people at our information booth. These are real questions asked from residents of West Contra Costa. We hope this is a source of information and inspiration. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "We must use time creatively."

What’s involved with delivering?

We’ll provide a Ride-Along to give you a preview of what it’s like to deliver. You’ll see the process, meet clients, and meet the office staff. The full-time staff provides support while you’re making deliveries. You may wear a mask and stay outdoors while delivering. You may ride with the trainer or caravan in your own car.

I want to volunteer but I can’t commit to a regular schedule because I’m retired and have other commitments.

Congratulations on your active lifestyle! You may deliver on a substitute basis. This is an on-call position and you’ll receive a Ride-Along and full training.

I work during the delivery hours of 10 a.m. to Noon.

Check with your employer – most allow time for community service. We will post a recognition message of your employer on our website.

I work from home, how can I make deliveries?

Most remote work have flexible work hours. Delivering is the perfect reason to get out of the house for a break while doing meaningful community service and get exercise.

What are benefits of delivering?

  • Exercise from walking

  • Great activity for active retirees or those planning retirement

  • Light problem solving

  • Making a hands-on difference in seniors’ lives and your community

  • Meeting others who share the same passion for volunteering

  • Sense of compassionate giving and accomplishment

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