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Ulysse 31: A Classic Sci-Fi Anime Series You Can Download Now

Ulysse 31: A Classic Sci-Fi Anime Series You Can Download Now

Ulysse 31 is a French-Japanese animated series from 1981 that retells the story of Homer's Odyssey in a futuristic space setting. The series follows the adventures of Ulysses, the captain of a spaceship called Odyssey, and his son Telemachus, as they try to find their way back to Earth after being cursed by the gods of Olympus.


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If you are a fan of sci-fi and mythology, you might want to check out this series that combines both genres in a creative and captivating way. Ulysse 31 has 26 episodes that explore different planets and civilizations, as well as featuring iconic characters from Greek mythology such as Cyclops, Sirens, Minotaur, and more.

Fortunately, you can download the complete series of Ulysse 31 from various torrent sites that offer high-quality video and audio files. Here are some of the best torrent sites for movies and TV shows that you can use to get Ulysse 31:

  • Nyaa: This is a popular torrent site for anime and Asian media. You can find Ulysse 31 in DVD remux format with English subtitles here[^1^].

  • BT4G: This is a torrent search engine that collects magnet links from various sources. You can find Ulysse 31 in French audio here[^2^].

  • KickassTorrents: This is one of the most popular torrent sites for movies and TV shows. You can find Ulysse 31 in various formats and languages here[^4^].

  • Techworm: This is a website that provides reviews and recommendations for the best torrent sites for movies. You can find more options to download Ulysse 31 here[^5^].

Before you download any torrent file, make sure you have a reliable VPN service that can protect your online privacy and security. Also, be aware of the legal risks and ethical issues of downloading copyrighted content without permission.

Ulysse 31 is a classic sci-fi anime series that you can enjoy watching on your device. Download it now from one of the torrent sites above and embark on an epic space odyssey with Ulysses and his crew.Here are some more details about Ulysse 31 and why you should watch it:

The Story of Ulysse 31

Ulysse 31 is set in the 31st century, where humans have colonized the galaxy and interact with various alien races. Ulysses is the commander of a spaceship called Odyssey, which belongs to the United Earth Federation. He is accompanied by his son Telemachus, his robot companion Nono, and a young alien girl named Yumi.

The series begins with Ulysses and his crew visiting the planet of Troy, where they witness a war between two factions. Ulysses intervenes and destroys the giant Cyclops robot that is attacking the Trojans. However, this angers Zeus, the king of the gods of Olympus, who considers the Cyclops as his creation. Zeus decides to punish Ulysses by wiping out his memory and sending him into the unknown regions of space, where he will encounter many dangers and mysteries.

Ulysses and his crew must find a way to break the curse and return to Earth. Along the way, they meet various characters from Greek mythology, such as Calypso, Circe, the Sirens, the Minotaur, Atlas, and more. They also discover that the gods of Olympus are actually ancient aliens who have manipulated human history for their own purposes.

The Style of Ulysse 31

Ulysse 31 is a unique blend of sci-fi and mythology, with a distinctive visual style and soundtrack. The animation is influenced by both French and Japanese aesthetics, with colorful backgrounds and detailed character designs. The music is composed by Denny Crockett and Ike Egan, who create a synth-pop score that matches the futuristic tone of the series.

The series also explores themes such as courage, friendship, loyalty, justice, and freedom. Ulysses is a heroic figure who values his family and crew above all else. He is also curious and adventurous, always willing to learn from new cultures and experiences. He faces many challenges and moral dilemmas along his journey, but he never gives up hope or faith.

Ulysse 31 is a series that appeals to both children and adults, with its engaging storylines and characters. It is also a series that has influenced many other sci-fi works, such as Star Wars, The Matrix, Stargate, and more. It is a series that deserves to be rediscovered by a new generation of viewers. e0e6b7cb5c


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