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Tight Gay Holes Thumbs WORK

Many guys envision the butt as a tight, squishy chute -- an organic masturbation sleeve. But the ass is more of a tight, squishy chamber with dimensions and curvatures that vary slightly from man to man. There is a definite curve to it, and the first chamber leads to another chamber, which leads to the small intestine.

tight gay holes thumbs

There is a bladder down there that you cannot ignore -- feeling the need to pee halfway through sex is very common -- and there is a very strong muscle called the anal spinchter, a circular muscle at the base of the colon (the "hole") that clenches tight for most of our lives and opens and relaxes when we poop and when we take a dick.

It's pretty cruel: You're a new bottom and your ass is "tight," meaning you have not learned how to train the anal spinchter to relax or open on command. Your tight ass might feel good for tops, but it makes sex more painful for you, and it will take you longer to get used to the feeling of getting fucked.

The idea that "loose" holes are weakened or overworked through too much sex is simply false. If you can train the spinchter to open on command, you can also close it, and this means the muscle is stronger now than before. Like any muscle, if you work it, it strengthens. Guys get called "loose" when they've learned how to flex -- and have strengthened -- a muscle.

If you have marathon sex and have been opening that muscle all night, it will get tired, and then it will open more easily, and you will start to feel loose -- a feeling that can be hot for bottoms as for tops who like used holes (a fetish for many people). For some bottoms -- myself included -- this temporary, post-marathon-sex "loose" feeling is part of the fun, as is the act of nursing your wrecked hole the next day. It is erotic on a different level that fist pigs and toy pigs can understand. But even at this point, I would not appreciate being called "loose" in a derogatory manner, because there is nothing shameful about bottoming all night.

The spinchter's natural state is being closed tight, which means you have to go slow at first while he gets used to it. Once he relaxes and gets comfortable and starts to enjoy your cock, only then you can get a little rougher.

The first kind of breath will probably make him tighten up as you give him a cool rush of air. The second kind of breath will typically make him open up. Just as with heat pads on muscle, skin naturally relaxes under warmth.

The Bronco -You start by going doggy style and then just when she is really enjoying it, you grab her tits as tight as possible and yell another girls name. This gives you the feeling of riding a wild bronco as she desperately tries to buck you off.

The Lorena Bobbit -Obviously, this one is for the ladies. When engaging in some hard core booty sex, squeeze your butt cheeks together as tight as you can, and start violently jumping and thrashing your ass around, in an effort to rip his dick off. (To reach true Lorena status, you must take the severed dick for a drive and then toss it out the window.)

Mushy Biscuit -This is actually a very fun game. Just choose a piece of food that you and your male friends like to eat. Then you and your buddies form a tight circle around the food item and proceed to jerk off all over it. Last one to bust a nut gets the prize of eating the food.

One morning Mr. Salteena came down to brekfast and found Ethel had come down first which was strange. Is the tea made Ethel he said rubbing his hands. Yes said Ethel and such a quear shaped parcel has come for you Yes indeed it was a quear shape parcel it was a hat box tied down very tight and a letter stuffed between the string. Well well said Mr. Salteena parcels do turn quear I will read the letter first and so saying he tore open the letter and this is what it said

Then they rumaged among Mr. Salteenas things and Procurio got very intelligent and advised Mr. Salteena to were his black evening suit and role up his trousers. He also lent him a pair of white silk stockings which he fastened tightly round his knees with red rosettes. Then he quickly cut out a star in silver paper and pinned it to his chest and also added a strip of red ribbon across his shirt front. Then Mr. Salteena survayed himself in the glass. Is it a fancy dress party he asked.

Well half a loaf is better than no bread responded Mr. Salteena in a gloomy voice and just then the earl reappeard with a very brisk lady in a tight silk dress whose name was called Lady Gay Finchling and her husband was a General but had been dead a few years. So this is Miss Monticue she began in a rarther high voice. Oh yes said Ethel and Mr. Salteena wiped the foaming dew from his forehead. Little did Lady Gay Finchling guess she had just disturbed a proposal of marrage.

Bernard placed one arm tightly round her. When will you marry me Ethel he uttered you must be my wife it has come to that I love you so intensly that if you say no I shall perforce dash my body to the brink of yon muddy river he panted wildly.

Winnie pressed her head against the cold pane. Laurence, herself, oldage. She would never be happy. A peaceful vanity took the place of herunrest. She realized an ethereal quality in herself which coincidedwith the whiteness of her little hands. She was aware of her hands,delicate and precious against her breast. Her breathing tightened. Shedid not want to remember the ugliness of the long illness she had hadand to think of the operation which threatened her threw her into apanic. When people talked too much to her of death she only sawsomething ugly which she did not understand. She wanted to get away fromit. She felt that she should not be forced to think of death. It did notbelong to her. If people only loved her and allowed her to be herselfshe gave everything.

May thought Aunt Alice was not going to notice her, but Aunt Alicepatted the little girl's head. May was terrified and relieved when thebig hand brushed her hair heavily. She smiled at Aunt Alice, but AuntAlice did not see her. Then her face grew stupid with perplexity againand her eyes were like two dark bright empty things; and under herfrilled apron, though she tried to hold her chest in tight, you couldsee her heart beat.

Alice sat down before her typewriter and stared at it. Suddenly her fullbreasts heaved. "Oh, my God!" She buried her face. Her blouse pulledtight across her shoulders as she stretched her arms in front of her.

Something tightened in her soul, and the emotion she had experienced themoment before flowed away from her. Receding, it left a hardenedaccretion like petrifying lava flowing down cold from a volcanic crater.

Alice, on her way to work, had just emerged from her front doorway. Asshe descended to the street she watched ahead of her a tall, very thinwoman in a worn silk blouse and an old skirt that still smacked of anultra mode. The woman dragged beside her a very little boy in tightpants and a gay shirt. The little boy, swinging by her hand, leanedheavily away from her to pull a small red wooden wagon after him.

She had seen his lids flutter. Tired and sweet, she regarded himmercilessly. She could see how tense the lines of his body were underthe couch cover he had drawn up over his feet. His lids, pressed tighttogether, twitched a little.

Mrs. Farley stumbled up the dark stairway. Her knotted fingers withtheir tight-stretched skin kept a tense and fearful grasp on thescratched rim of the lacquered tray. On the clean frayed napkin she hadput one of her best plates and on it rested a bloody peach and a dullbright knife. The peach, balanced uncertainly, rolled a little as Mrs.Farley moved. The knife clinked. Black coffee beaded with gold turned tosaffron when it poured over into the saucer. The toast, burnt a littlealong the edges, slid back and forth in the napkin which enfolded it.

May came in, glad to be called. Her grandmother did not look at her. Shepicked up a plate with a cup on it. She walked into the kitchen, takingcareful steps, the rim of the plate, held with both hands, pressed sotightly against her breast that it cut. The cup jiggled rhythmically,bumping time to May's steps. May's mouth hung open. Her face wasbewildered with anxiety. Her breath came fast. With immense relief shereached the sink and, leaning over, slipped the plate into it.

But as he drew nearer the place where Winnie was his heart strained. Hefelt suffocated. There were women standing in doorways. Their shadowswove the darkness together and drew it tight about his heart. He hatedhis work but the doing of it gave him relief, for it could not enterhim.

The weather was quite mild, but Mrs. Farley took to wearing an old redcashmere shawl and pulling it tight about her throat. When her husbandor her daughter sought her averted gaze she wrapped herself tighter andshivered ostentatiously.

Mrs. Price, tears of anxiety in her eyes, gripped Winnie's wrists andheld them tight. They were still together. The wooden clock ticked onthe low mantel. Then Mrs. Price said, "Winnie, if you cannot manage totell me what is the matter I shall telegraph your father."

He was gruff and short with Laurence. "How-do, * * * * * Farley?" Heturned quickly to Winnie. "Well, Winnie, you're back, are you? How isshe, Vivien? Mother and I are going to keep a tight hold on you, myyoung lady. We are going to see that your health is taken care of afterthis."

There were a rag carpet here, an old-fashioned cherry bedstead, and achest of drawers. On the flowered wall beside the bed hung a Germanprint which represented a gamekeeper who had caught some childrenstealing apples. It was a very old print with a cracked glass. Thechildren in the picture had strange oldish faces. The girls wore longskirts and the boy had half-length pants. The gamekeeper, withside-whiskers and red raddled cheeks, was dressed in a high hat, a shortbrown waistcoat, and tight trousers. To the right of him, in theforeground of the scene, two little dachshunds stood sedately atattention.

May and Bobby had been dressed early and seated at table, for they weregoing for the day to a neighbor's house. Over her brown serge dress thatwas becoming too short and tight, May wore a fancy clean white apron.The bow on her hair was of her best red ribbon, but it was already halfuntied and dangled in a huge loop above one of her ears. Bobby, too, wasin a new blue woolen blouse. He was bibless and the porridge he waseating trickled, in gluey gray-white drops of milk and half-dissolvedsugar, over his chin and down his dickey. 041b061a72


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