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Efrem Naumov
Efrem Naumov

Luis Royo Complete Work

In 2006, joined by Romulo Royo, Luis Royo traveled to Moscow to complete a commission to paint a fresco on a domed ceiling, reflecting classic themes of eroticism. The process and result of this work was published in another art book, Dome.[18]

Luis Royo Complete Work

Acrylic paint differs from oil in its consistency and permanency. The paint is good for beginners because it does not have the drying times of oils, so you can complete a piece of work more quickly. Luis Royo sometimes uses acrylics to begin the painting process. Acrylics are easy to blend and easy to manipulate.

THE LABYRINTH: TAROT is the first completely unpublished work by Luis Royo, where not one of the images has been previously published. It will be published in December 2004 in two formats: an exclusive pack of cards and a book including all the illustrations together with explanatory texts, written by the artist himself, on the hidden meaning of each card and their power over people's destiny.

I read few novels, and often because of professional reasons. There are works that take two weeks to complete. I must read so much documentation! Time is the biggest tyrant of this end of century. I love boxing, is the most plastic sport in the world. 350c69d7ab


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